Major Changes and Censorship in Store for OMG 2 Ahead of Release

Major Changes and Censorship in Store for OMG 2 Ahead of Release
Major Changes and Censorship in Store for OMG 2 Ahead of Release

Major Changes and Censorship in Store for OMG 2 Ahead of Release

In an unexpected twist, the eagerly anticipated movie “OMG 2” underwent significant alterations before its release, bringing about a series of changes that have raised eyebrows among audiences. One of the most prominent changes is the transformation of Akshay Kumar’s role, shifting from portraying the deity Shiva to embodying the Messenger of God. This shift was accompanied by a new dialogue, injecting the storyline with profound spiritual elements.

“OMG 2” stands as a continuation of the widely acclaimed movie “OMG: Oh My God,” which featured the notable performances of Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar. In the original movie, Kumar portrayed the character of Krishna. However, in the sequel, his role was slated to be that of Shiva. Additionally, the movie features esteemed actor Pankaj Tripathi, adding to the anticipation surrounding the film.

A notable alteration in the film’s setting occurred, as it transitioned from being rooted in Ujjain to an entirely fictional location, according to a report by Bollywood Hungama. This change undoubtedly holds the potential to reshape the atmosphere and dynamics of the narrative.

Several scenes and elements faced the scrutiny of censorship, leading to a considerable 13-minute reduction in the film’s runtime. Some changes included the removal of a billboard displaying the ‘Mood X’ condom and the omission of the word ‘rat’ from a bottle containing rat poison. However, the most striking changes were related to dialogues and references that were considered sensitive due to their religious connotations.

Crucial religious references, such as Shivling, Shri Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad, Atharvaved, Draupadi, Pandav, Krishna, Gopiyan, and Raas Leela, were reportedly removed from essential dialogues. These modifications seem to have been made with the intention of avoiding any unintended offense or misinterpretation, aligning with the principle of respecting religious sentiments.

The process of censorship extended further to scenes containing nudity, which were adeptly replaced with depictions of Naga Sadhus. This careful alteration aimed to ensure compliance with content guidelines while maintaining the film’s artistic integrity.

Another pivotal change involved the introduction of a voiceover at the beginning of the film, aligning with the directives of the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). This enhancement is anticipated to offer a fresh perspective to the storytelling experience.

Major Changes and Censorship in Store for OMG 2 Ahead of Release
Major Changes and Censorship in Store for OMG 2 Ahead of Release

The alteration extended to dialogues as well. Instances like a temple announcement that originally stated “women cannot see” were subjected to audio cuts. The name of a school underwent modification to ‘Savoday,’ and references to alcohol were removed. Additionally, a dialogue involving the High Court was expunged due to its perceived vulgarity and defamatory nature. Corresponding visuals were also taken out.

Furthermore, scenes involving Akshay Kumar’s character meditating and bathing witnessed replacements, while portrayals of the character in a drunken state were adjusted to conform to established guidelines.

A particularly sensitive alteration was executed in line with the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) guidelines. The explicit visuals of a boy engaged in a sexual act, as depicted in a viral video within the movie, were significantly toned down.

Finally, the filmmakers were required to substantiate the facts and statistics presented in the film regarding sexual acts with authentic documentary evidence, as stipulated by the CBFC.

As the altered “OMG 2” prepares for its release, these changes and censorship measures have undoubtedly sparked conversations about artistic freedom, content responsibility, and the balancing act between creative expression and cultural sensitivity.

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