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Stagnancy and its consequences: Health, Habit and Lifestyle

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Stagnancy and its consequences: Health, Habit and Lifestyle

Most people, given the demography of India indulge in bracketed occupations. Since India is still an agrarian society, people are stagnated with a particular job, and continue to pass on the legacy to their generations. It is only 8-9% of the population that actually encourages their offspring’s to not pursue agriculture but head towards modernism and westernisation.

While westernisation had long penetrated India during the colonial rule, India still continues to stay rooted in its conventional practices that hinder the growth of the nation. With various government programs being taken into action, it is not aiding in uplifting the job of the agriculturalists. The mere reason being lack of education and awareness. The dearth of literacy has subdued people from becoming informed individuals and while respecting the traditionality of our culture, turning a blind eye to its errors makes us nothing but ignorant.

Stagnancy is also experienced by people with a set routine for more than 3-4 years in the absence of steady growth. This is India’s majority population, which comprises of the labour class. the labour class has been exploited from time immemorial by capitalists who have been pervading over the economy of the nation for quite some time now. Labour in India is cheap and easily available and hence, exploitation becomes no matter of fact.

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While some people enjoy their 9-5 jobs in the corporate sector and otherwise, it is understood most of the time that this routine helps people fix a balanced life and maintain discipline to divide their attention and concentration on things with equal dedication. However, this strategy works until a moment of burnout or saturation, when the over imposing nature of this consistency becomes something hard to get rid of. Breaking the habit a day, makes one dive into guilt, or the very thought of tampering with the routine arouses anxiety. Such a lifestyle is acceptable but at the cost of what?

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Every sector that has been aforementioned, ultimately gets affected mentally and sadly without proper knowledge of such harm. They become unaware as to when such consistency turns into stagnancy and unknowingly begins to affect their mental health which ultimately recedes their overall productivity, pushing them into frustration, anxiety, depression to the extent of committing suicide, leave alone poverty and over population.

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There is no definitive solution to this that would be applicable to a population holistically, however if stagnancy may arise, an individual must be aware of doing the bare minimum of recognising the cause and act as an effect. Stagnancy is a major health concern and must not be ignored or passed as trivial as its consequences reflect on people’s lives in various aspects. It all begins with recognising the problem, and consulting health care specialists and counsellors. Therein, the solutions will automatically follow.

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