India in its full spree with the advent of : Navaratri 2022  

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India in its full spree with the advent of : Navaratri 2022  

Navaratri this year, begins from 26th September(Monday) and will continue till 5th of October which is the last day of Vijaya Dashami or traditionally knows as Dussehra. India is at full spree as everyone gears up for the most awaited festival of the year which is celebrated not only across the nation but also Worldwide.

In the context of cultural diversity, every Indian is excited and full of beans with the onset of the festival. From shopping malls to road side stalls, everything is jam packed with people already treading paths to make expenses for themselves and their loved ones. Popularly celebrated as Navaratri and Durga Puja, different parts of the city have more or less similar engagements in this festivity.

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Yesterday marked the beginning of Maa Durga’s journey from Kailash to the mortal world with Mahisasur Mardini playing on all radios, especially among the Generation X members and few of the millennials who throb with the excitement of the festivity. While the long nine day observation is the regular practice among the westerners of the nation, the easterners commemorate the arrival of Maa Durga from the day of Mahalaya and the on the fifth day, that is Panchami, they’re all set to start their activity for the week, that is Pandal Hopping. Food and beverages are served at rocketing prices but the quality usually deteriorates given the huge populace that an eatery is bound to serve. While some people observe fasting and prayer offerings, others relish the junk and high spice of the food stalls that are set aside on the road for economic city hoppers. Big restaurants are also preparing special meals and package deals to cater to the public’s needs and provide holistic meals to every customer for their overall satisfaction.

With regards to its religious offerings, as per the sayings of Acharya Anand Dubey, the Durga Saptashti prayer chants are said to empower and move the omnipresent deity.   

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Culturally diverse, Navaratri is among one of those festivals that don’t stay confined to individual practices. People travel to and from cities and nations to meet their family, friends and beloved ones to exchange pleasantries and greet each other. Hanging out outside pandals, at gossiping endlessly to one’s merry unaware of time and place is the norm of this occasion. Community halls and Marquees with the idols of the deity become the rendezvous spot for all group activities like “Dandiya” and “Dhunichi nach”, in the west and east respectively. Relatives and long distant peers and family reunite for this causes to share their experience round the year within a span of just none days. No other festival has been known for people to take time off their respective occupations and travel back to one’s homeland, if not for Navaratri. The traditional way of celebrating this festival still stays intact in the core regions of its inception and adoration. the custom holy offerings, accompanied by prayers, dances and other traditions.

The cultural heritage of India stays intact with the zeal and euphoria of people to leave aside everything at hand, and run to their hometowns and celebrate this festivity with their beloved ones. This time is also known for many as the month of making annual purchases, like buying new clothes or gifting them to their close ones. This time is considered holy for making new acquisitions and expenses as it would draw the blessings of Maa Durga which would mark the onset of a new beginning and spark hopefulness and enlightenment among all mortal beings who patiently wait for this big festival to bring love and light.

Article by-Subhangi Ray

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