Tom Hardy follows his passion : Bags Blue Belt in UMAC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament.

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Tom Hardy follows his passion : Bags Blue Belt in UMAC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament.

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Versatile actor Tom Hardly, famous worldwide for his spectacular performances, recently took to combat sports and participated in the United Martial Arts Centre Milton Kynes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open in the United Kingdom.

The 39-year old actor, who is known for possessing an interest in almost every field with a special interest in athletics and sports became the lead ambassador for the REORG Brazilian Jiu Jitsu foundation. In his recent partake in the tournament, the actor won a gold at the 2022 UMAC Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Open Championship on Saturday.

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The actor in his latest post on his official Instagram account mentioned that the training process which is essentially his hobby and personal interest is a key to “developing a deeper sense of inner resilience, calm and well-being”. He expresses his gratitude for having learnt the art of this sport and how it has aided him in nurturing his skills as a practitioner of Jiu Jitsu.The English actor has already made a name for himself by implementing his athletics in his action-packed roles in films like The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max: Fury Road, Venom, and the like.Such accomplishments act as additional accolades to his existing proficiency in other realms of sportsmanship.

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Although Hardy suffered from dysthymia (20 years ago)and resorted to regular drinking and consumption of drugs to overcome his depressive state of mind, he wasn’t too late to realize the kind of dungeon he was pushing himself towards and consulted a psychologist thereafter.Since then, the actor has been determined to train himself in health-reviving activities in order to regulate his work life and fitness. His efficiency in the craft was achieved with his passion for the same along with his motivation to rejuvenate his lifestyle pattern.

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